The Role of Streaming Platforms in Music Promotion
Music Promotion
Music Promotion
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The Role of Streaming Platforms in Music Promotion

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One of the best ways to get your music in front of millions of people is to use streaming platforms where music lovers go to find and hear new things.  What part do streaming platforms play in promoting your music, and how can you make the most of them? Learn more by reading the article below!

Why Use Streaming Platforms To Promote Your Music

Today, the majority of individuals listen to music on streaming services. In actuality, more than 500 million individuals use streaming platforms like Spotify to listen to and discover new music from their favorite musicians. This statistic should motivate you as an artist to learn how to use streaming services to market your music. After all, being present where your followers are or where new listeners could find your songs is a sure way to build your fan base.

Role of Streaming Platforms

While streaming platforms like Spotify aren't able to pay artists much money when their songs are listened to on their platform, they can still provide support in other capacities. Spotify has invested much in assisting the discovery of new music by means of resources such as its Discover Weekly playlist. Unimaginable only a few years ago, fresh and undiscovered artists are connecting and connecting with fans in ways that are made possible by a deliberate blend of human curation and algorithmic brilliance.

Will a band make enough money from 100,000 plays on a major streaming platform to cover all of their expenses? No, but a fresh artist could receive enough notice from that kind of exposure to locate chances that can.

One of the main reasons for what many are referring to as music's huge return is the industry's recent adoption of music streaming, but playlist culture and streaming platforms also deserve a large share of the credit for creating new avenues for visibility and marketing.

Ways Streaming Platforms Can Support Artists

There are various benefits to streaming platforms that go beyond just getting your music in an online format.  From analytics to more exposure, musicians and streaming platforms have much to offer each other.

Streaming Platforms Have The Ability To Give Musicians Valuable Listener Insights

Radio is still a great place to find new music, but it doesn’t offer any valuable analytical data about its listeners that musicians can use. Today, radio stations are creating online playlists which are identical to what they play on the air. This means that artists can learn much about their distinct audiences by using the free analytical data that major streaming platforms provide. With the help of these free tools, musicians can monitor the popularity of each of their singles, plan tours around the nations and towns where their music is most popular, and even examine listener demographics like gender.

Customizable Musician Profiles

Major streaming platforms now include customizable profile elements like photographs, event information, and even opportunities for product stores, in addition to assisting artists in connecting with and learning about fans. Large streaming services are essentially assisting musicians in ways that non-musical social media platforms have never been able to: by helping them distill and maximize their online presence. While most people learned about and followed bands via Facebook pages a few years ago, fans can now do all of that straight from the places where they find and listen to music.

Streaming Profiles Add To an Artist’s Creditablity

If your songs aren't available on their preferred music streaming service, some individuals might not consider you to be a "bona fide" musician. Even though it can seem weird, this is an inevitable reality. Where your music appears now has more weight than it did a few years ago.

Getting your music onto streaming platforms doesn't have to be expensive or complex. You can trust Getplaylisted, which was created to help pitch your music to organic playlists on streaming platforms and help you stand out from the crowd.

How to Use Streaming Platforms For Promoting Your Music

Using streaming platforms to promote your music is a little more detailed than just putting up a song.  By following a few steps, you can be seen as more professional in front of your fan base and new listeners.

Get Validated On the Platform

As soon as an artist claims their artist profile, they often receive a verified badge. It can be advantageous to have a verified badge on your profile for many reasons:

  1. It gives your profile creditability
  2. It can open up additional platform features
  3. It can give you access to special playlists

Pitch Your Song For Streaming Platform Playlists

Including your songs in carefully selected playlists is another way of getting your music noticed on streaming services. Certain sites, such as Spotify and Amazon Music, have their own playlists that millions of listeners use daily. Pitching your music is like submitting it for consideration on an editorial playlist. More people will find your music on Spotify if it appears in a playlist like Release Radar.

Create Your Own Playlist

Creating your own playlist is another way to take advantage of the benefits streaming platforms offer to musicians.  Start by making a playlist with songs that you love the most, including your music, along with a wide variety of other musicians.  This not only gives fans an insight into what you enjoy but also gives you an opportunity to connect with other musicians in your genre, which opens up collaboration for both marketing each other and making music together.

Build a Unique Musician Profile

Fans can learn as much about you on music streaming platforms as they would on social networking. The method of connecting and sharing may be different on streaming platforms versus a social media platform. However, the main idea of being able to connect with fans will still be available.

One such example is Spotify, which allows artists to post images on their profiles as well as bios, covers, and more to help musicians show their personality and introduce themselves to new listeners.

Streaming Platforms Play a Crucial Role In Music Promotion For Artists

Platforms for streaming music are crucial for both aspiring and seasoned musicians. They can help you become more discoverable and develop a devoted following. Streaming platforms can also assist you in figuring out where to go on your next tour and how many people your music touches. Taking advantage of the benefits that streaming platforms offer musicians when it comes to promoting their songs can help you go from unseen to viral in no time!