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At GetPlaylisted, it's our job to pitch your music to organic playlists and to make sure you stand out from the rest and get heard by the crowd.

With more than ten years of experience in the music industry, we know how to get you and your music out there with our organic Spotify music promotion.


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Are you looking to grow your Spotify audience and expand your reach?

  • Grow your Spotify audience and let your new fans discover your music and profile with ease.
  • Follow the progress of your submission through our 'Live Status Updates'.
  • With over 10 years of experience, we know how to get your music out there.
  • Partnered with major labels and independent playlist curators.
  • Increase your chances to be discovered on Spotify playlists like 'Release Radar' and 'Discover Weekly'.

Provided to you by music industry professionals

GetPlaylisted was founded by a team of music industry professionals and has set its goals in helping (upcoming) artists to achieve new milestones in their careers and stepping up their game on the digital streaming market (for example on Spotify).

Through our services, we are helping artists on a daily basis with growing their Spotify profile and gaining more attention for their songs through organic, worldwide Spotify promotion. This results in more streams,  saves, followers and most important: more interaction with the Spotify algorithm, making sure that their music is being featured in editorial playlists, and algorithmic playlists like 'Release Radar' and 'Discover Weekly'.

Nowadays bookers look first at your Spotify statistics before looking at your other profiles on social media. In short: Spotify is your must-have key to success!

What Others Say About Us

GetPlaylisted helps me a lot with my marketing when I'm releasing my own tracks.

Always great to be working with them. Thanks guys!


I used GetPlaylisted to promote my track 'Live The Night Away'. They were very supportive, professional and I had great results! Thanks, team!
Colin Crooks

Label: HEXAGON (Don Diablo)

Simply the best in the industry. Professional, fast and amazing organic quality and most important, real fans. Keep it up! I'll be back for more very very soon.

Independent Artist

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Submit Your Song

Submit your song quick and easy through our website, along with some optional artist biography. And we will get started for you directly!

We Pitch It

We will start pitching your song to playlists that are fitting and suitable for the genre and mood of your song. Making sure we target the perfect audience for you.

Get Your Results

After mostly around 3 days, we get back to you with all results that we've gotten for you. Now it's time to enjoy the results and see your new fans flowing in!

What's In It For You

Target Your Audience

Our team targets the right audiences that match your music, increasing the success rate even more!

Big & Small Artists

Our services are meant for everyone. Big, small, independent or signed artists. We're here to help you.

Editorial & Algorithmic

Increases your chances to be featured by editorial and algorithmic Spotify playlists with all our services.

Real Fans

We're known for our organic way of marketing. We assure only real, and genuine fans and results.

Real People

We believe in honest and clear communication. Our team is always available to help you with anything.

Get Discovered

Expose yourself to the world through GetPlaylisted. And increase your chances to be discovered by industry giants.
The hidden gem
GetPlaylisted is the hidden gem on the internet. I gained a lot of new fans in an organic way! I'll be definitely coming back.
Thomas - Independent artist
Just excellent!
AMAZING!! If you are considering whether or not to use them- definitely use them! This resulted in REAL streams and REAL saves.
Colin Crooks - Label: HEXAGON
Couldn't be happier!
Ordered with the 24h delivery and WOW. It's amazing what kind of pitching results these guys can achieve in that timeframe!
Benjamin - Independent artist

For a limited amount of time, we will give you a free e-book!

For a short amount of time, we will include a free e-book with every order. In the e-book, we will cover multiple methods on how you can use social media to establish your branding, and make you really stand out from the rest!

How To Become A #1 Artist On Social Media

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Kickstart Package

Pitch your music to 50 Spotify playlists. A perfect start for smaller artists or with a smaller budget.

Stardom Package

Pitch your music to 100+ Spotify playlists.

The best choice for every artist that is ready to skyrocket their music🚀

Rising Star Package

Pitch your music to 75 Spotify playlists. Perfect for every kind of artist with a medium budget.

No Cure, No Pay

(Luckily) Every artist is different, and so is their music. Therefore we offer a full refund if we can't keep our word and can't deliver the high quality that is our standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I run a Spotify playlist pitching campaign?

Without having a large fanbase yet, it is very hard to get your music heard by new people. Reason for this is that the Spotify algorithm simply hasn’t found enough suitable matches between your music and listeners on Spotify with their algorithmic playlists such as Discover Weekly, Time capsule and many others.

How long will my music be featured in the playlists?

This totally depends on the curator of the specific playlists. From our experience, we can tell that this is mostly several weeks to several months.

How many playlists will feature my music?

This heavily depends on all sorts of factors, such as for example the quality of your song and the genre of your song. From our experience, we can tell that most likely on average you will be featured in at least several playlists per pitch. Please note that this is not a guarantee.

Feel free to reach out to us for our opinion on your music.

How many streams will I receive on my track?

This service is not about selling streams but about promoting you and your music. We cannot tell how many streams you will receive since this can vary a lot. Feel free to message us to get an estimation for your specific track.

We do have estimates based on the results of previous clients written next to the package details

Is it possible to work with any language and genre?

This depends, please reach out to us if you are not sure!

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