The 9 Best Music Marketing Blogs to Follow
23 februari 2023 

The 9 Best Music Marketing Blogs to Follow

Whether you are a new artist trying to reach new listeners or a music marketing professional looking for more insight, it is always a great idea to check out music marketing blogs. Looking at different blogs written by various professionals can give you ideas and strategies in all areas of marketing: from advertising campaigns to the best upcoming release dates. Taking the time to research different perspectives will genuinely help your music marketing game soar to the next level.

Here is a list of the top music marketing blogs to follow if you want to stay up-to-date on the ever-changing music world.


The website SonicBids is usually where music artists would go to find future gigs. Still, their blog is not only updated regularly, but it also provides a lot of valuable information for anyone in the music industry. Some of the latest topics covered include learning to brand yourself in the digital music industry, a review on Boost Collective (which is a music promotion site), and plenty of celebrity interviews so you can see for yourself how these successful artists have marketed their music.

The first thing you may notice about this website is that its blog is not regularly updated. Honestly, there is only a new post about twice a month. But what they lack in regularity, they more than make up for with the content they post. The information you will be able to glean from this site will prove invaluable, with the latest posts covering subjects like how to design album covers, reimagining the merchandise industry, and securing your very own booking agent.

Ditto Music’s Unsigned Advice

“Unsigned Advice” is the blog portion of the website known as Ditto Music, which is a music distribution service. Unsigned Advice offers essential tips and guidance for any independent bands or musicians. There are also different areas to the blog, including areas for promotion, songwriting, and production. Some of the most recent blog posts can help you learn more about how to apply to play at festivals, SEO for musicians, and how to use artificial intelligence to enhance your music.

Music Marketing Guy

Music Marketing Guy is one of the few entries on this list that acts solely as a blog, which means that there is a plethora of information you will be able to glean from this site. There are plenty of resources listed on this site, such as books and free marketing courses. The blog itself will offer you helpful advice such as how to contact record labels that are accepting demos, how to find music producers, and places where you should be promoting your music. There is also a job board on the website that will allow you to look through active jobs in the music industry.

60-Second Music Marketing

This is a great website that runs not only a blog but also a podcast, so you can guarantee that it will be updated often. There seems to be a special focus on social media use throughout the most recent blog posts, which is something that can prove very useful for any new-age artist. Some of the latest blog posts on this website offer valuable tips on subjects such as using TikTok to your musical advantage, avoiding music marketing burnout, and a list of successful Facebook groups for musicians.

Music Entrepreneur HQ

One of the best things about this particular website is that the owner of the site has compiled all of his music industry expertise into a series of PDF documents he offers freely to anyone that signs up! If you prefer to search through blog posts, however, this site has plenty of those, dating back all the way to 2009. This blog seems to be updated about twice a month and covers subjects like how to build your independent music career, how to promote your music at college, and how to spend money appropriately on your music career. Because you do not want to spend all your profit.

DIY Musician Blog

This is the blog portion of the popular website CD Baby, which is an online distributor of independent music. The blog seems to be updated about once a week, though there are sometimes many more posts. Some of the latest blog posts can teach you how to take advantage of your local music scene, how to gain more fans on the ever-useful TikTok, and how to market yourself in order to get new gigs. DIY musician also produces a podcast, in case you prefer to listen to tips on becoming a more successful music artist.

Symphonic Distribution

Symphonic Distribution is actually one of the industry’s leading independent music distributors and marketers. The fact that they choose to focus on a blog to provide all of their tips and tricks for free is just icing on the top of the cake. The blog is separated into separate sections, with marketing, business, and monetizing all included. Some of the latest tips they have freely given include how to use an entertainment attorney, 2023 music festivals currently accepting applications, and the easiest way to master your copyright registrations.


TuneCore is yet another music distribution service on this list, and it is another site that also happens to run an impeccable blog. Specifically, on Tuesdays, this blog features an interview with a new up-and-coming artist. The blog also touches on useful subjects such as how to release your new single successfully, how to use Snapchat to promote your music, and recent changes in the music industry. TuneCore also offers a reward program which is a free educational program that allows you to earn points for rewards.

Staying up-to-date with the latest news and changes in the music industry is vital to your success. These blogs will help you stay afloat in this ever-changing industry you are trying to eke a living out of. When you have learned the basics, come check out GetPlaylisted. We will get your music to hundreds of Spotify playlists, guaranteeing that the right people hear your music at the right time.

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