How To Promote Pop Music

Building a fanbase for your music is the name of the game; it's all good and well to have bedroom sessions but only performing for your family is not the way to access musical stardom.

Music promotion is inherently one of the key aspects to creating a career in music; without it, your music will struggle to find a fanbase and get heard. Regardless of the genre, you'll need to promote your sound so you too can become a Hall-of-Famer like Freddie Mercury or Elton John. 

Regardless of how intimidating it sounds, you'll be surprised at the number of avenues available to traverse and get your music out there. It's easier now than ever before. 

Is It Important for my Career to Promote my Pop Music?

Pop music is a saturated genre, with hundreds of artists fighting to be heard. So it's good to be ahead of the game. Promoting your music opens up your fan base, not just for regular fans. You'll be able to create your own little community of die-hards that will do some of the work for you.

And by promoting your pop music, you can also find your way to discovery through the music industry, who avidly watch Social Media and its trends to find undiscovered talents.

After you get discovered, promoting doesn't stop because the more you promote your pop music and expand your audience, the more lucrative your career becomes. 

I Want to Promote my Music. Where Do I Start?

Navigating the waters of the music industry can be scary if you're new to it. There's an information overload waiting for you every turn you take, but it doesn't have to be that way for music promotion.

We've done the research for you and found some ways you can promote your Pop Music, and you might just be surprised at just how easy it's gotten over the years. 

Have a strategic Marketing Plan

Have a strategic marketing plan in place, especially if you're choosing to do it without the assistance of promotion services.

Get into the routine of having a set strategy; with a plan in place, you can monitor what's working for you and what isn't. It will also make it easier for you to plan ahead and create content that you can schedule so you can spend a few days stress-free, knowing that the AI has you all sorted out.

If something isn't generating a good listener base, you can swap it out as well, and it'll let you see what's trending with your fans vs. what's not.

Use Social Media Trends to your Advantage

Pop music is one of the most in-demand genres on Social media at the moment; it's generally at the forefront of most trending short-form videos. TikTok, Instagram and Facebook all have the convenient feature to let users add songs to the background of their videos.

A few artists have found their way onto our radars by doing covers of trending songs and letting the algorithm send them through to pop fanatics throughout the apps. Of course, it also helps that some come with fun dances or challenges to go along with them, but it's not always a necessity.

Pop musicians looking to promote their music are often encouraged to use trends to their advantage, and we can't blame anyone for saying it. However, if there's a surefire easy way to get noticed, it's using the vast expanse of internet resources available to you. Create a new trend using your song, or do a cover that blows up, and you're bound to attract attention to your sound.

Make Use of Promotion Tools Within Your Budget

Music promotion tools are an excellent way to find your feet in promoting your pop music. So, be sure to add it in your budget to use some of these services, as it can cut out a big chunk of work for you.

Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music have opened a lucrative market for artists to share their sound, and companies have hopped right in to take care of the details for you. 

Using a service like GetPlaylisted will help you get your music on trending playlists and track your stats so you can see if it's been worthwhile. 

The benefits of using established companies can be exponential. You might find they have a list of contacts you wouldn't have dreamed of sending your music to, opening new doors for you and ensuring that your songs kick up hundreds, maybe thousands of new listeners. 

Engage with your Fans!

The best promotion tool all artists have at their fingertips is a substantial fanbase. Your fans are your little foot soldiers who organically spread the word about your new songs with all their friends and followers on social media.

Fans only ask for some good music and to be noticed. Of course, it's every fan-girls dream to be called up on stage by their favorite artist. But in this day and age, simply engaging with your fans on social media can make a huge difference.

Often you see artists on TikTok responding to comments and using comments to make short-form videos, and the crowds love it! 

Word of mouth travels faster than you think, so when you engage with your fans, you can be sure they'll work for you in promoting your pop music. And the best part is it doesn't cost you anything. 

Link Up With Other Artists

Collaborations are a great way to network. By collating with other artists in your genre, or even some in different genres, you create an exciting new sound and give yourself access to their music promotion avenues.

They can't promote the collaboration without in some way, shape or form promoting you as well and vice versa. Networking is a strong tool, and creating a good relationship with other artists in your community and others is an excellent way to get some pop music promotion done.

Don’t be shy in making your next song a duet and asking Shawn Mendes (not literally but give it a shot) to join you; you'd be surprised by the doors it opens. 


As you can see, promoting pop music won't be as intimidating of a task as you think. A lot of the avenues available are things we use every day, and the opportunities it gives you can be lucrative to your music career. 

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