Best Spotify Promotion Services 2022 (Real and Organic)
27 oktober 2021 

Best Spotify Promotion Services 2022 (Real and Organic)

Latest update: December 2022

With 60 million tracks, 4 billion playlists, and 1.9 million podcasts, Spotify is one of the top destinations for music worldwide. In today’s music industry, if you want to promote your music and grow your brand, there’s no better way to break in than with Spotify artist promotions services. 

Spotify promotion services allow you to gain real promotion of your Spotify content through real users. These services charge a nominal fee in exchange for quality and organic promotion of your music. To help you find a Spotify promotion service that’s right for you, we’ve listed the best below. 


1. GetPlaylisted 


GetPlaylisted is an organic Spotify music promotion service that submits your music to hundreds of Spotify playlist curators. With over a decade in the music industry, you’ll partner with major labels and independent playlist curators to ensure your content gets heard. GetPlaylisted increases your chances of getting discovered on Spotify playlists like ‘Release Radar’ and Discover Weekly.’ 


As an artist, all you have to do is submit your song through the GetPlaylisted website. The team gets to work targeting your perfect audience and then gets back to you with results around three days. You’ll also be able to follow your progress with the provided live status updates. 


Artists both big and small benefit from working with GetPlaylisted. You’ll work with real people throughout the process and enjoy organic Spotify promotion that attracts genuine fans. Don’t wait! Get discovered with GetPlaylisted. Visit here to learn more. 


2. Omari


Omari has promoted for top companies like Spinnin Records, Warner Music, and Slip N Slide Records along with thousands of other individual artists. Known for being efficient and professional, Omari has campaigns available for all budgets. 


However, one drawback to their service is that they won’t promote any explicit content, which means they may not be the best fit for every artist. Visit here to learn more about Omari. 


3. Daimoon


Daimoon has helped over 6,000 artists of various levels with Spotify promotion. They advertise their current achievements as 1000+ playlists and 10,000,000 followers. They also work in numerous genres and do a great job of staying up to date on trends in active playlists with their network. Visit here to learn more about Daimoon’s organic Spotify promotion. 


4. You Grow 


You Grow offers organic growth by expanding your fan base and providing real fan engagement. There are a variety of packages that You Grow offers that you can select depending on your budget. Their platform, staffed by a team of qualified representatives 


Final Thoughts


When you’re looking to boost music, organic Spotify promotion allows you to grow your fan base and get paid without violating any Spotify TOS. Check out the promotion services above and find success on Spotify!

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