Best Gateways for Artists to Use In 2023
09 maart 2023 

Best Gateways for Artists to Use In 2023

Once upon a time, your only gateway to fame was to be signed by a record label. Without a record label backing you, there was absolutely no way that you could be discovered and share your music with millions. Luckily, we live in a time of the internet, and it is easier than ever to get your music out to people who will love it. However, that is not to say that music distribution is easy these days. Along with the internet come hundreds of choices for gateways, but how do you choose the best one for you? Luckily, we have put together this comprehensive list of the eight best gateways available for artists.


GetPlaylisted specializes in promoting your music on Spotify. Your track will be pitched to hundreds of playlist curators on the world’s most popular music streaming service, so you are sure to pick up many new fans. GetPlaylisted offers live status updates on your pitched track, meaning that you can follow its progress every step of the way. Additionally, GetPlaylisted is partnered with major labels and independent playlist curators, increasing your odds of making it to a coveted Editorial Playlist.


Hypeddit boasts the ability to help you grow your audience and gain fans that will be true and loyal to you as an artist. Once you share your music on Hypeddit, you will receive automatic likes, reposts, comments, and followers, increasing the odds that your music will be shared for even more fans’ pleasure. Hypeddit also offers a promotion exchange program, in which you will be able to trade free promotion of your tracks with other artists; that way, you can get the support you need while also supporting your fellow artists. We all know how hard it is out there!

Soundplate Clicks

Soundplate Clicks is a great gateway to use for artists that are just starting out. There is a free option for their services, which is always nice, and they will help you create the perfect landing page for your artist page. And this is a very important step in gaining new fans; if it is too hard to find your music on the internet, people simply will not listen to it. Soundplate Clicks makes it easy to promote your music by providing smart links that will take your new fans to your preferred music platform. You will also be provided with statistical reports that will help you better understand who is listening to your music, making it that much easier to market to your fans in the future.


ListenTo is brought to you by AudioMovers which offers a free trial of their services. With ListenTo, you will be provided with smart pages for your music, where you can easily promote your music to anyone who might be interested. Not only can you actually collaborate with other artists in real-time with ListenTo, but listeners can automatically join your session for instant feedback on your music. This means that there will be virtually no wait time to determine if your song will be liked by listeners.


This particular gateway is trusted by some of the biggest names in the music industry: Universal Music Group, and Sony Music, plus more than fifty thousand artists! Using the smart links that you will get through the gateway Linkfire, you will be able to run pre-release campaigns, which will ensure that your release day is stupendous. From your bio, your fans will be able to see upcoming music, merchandise, and any shows on your schedule in one easy-to-find location, complete with links. These links will make it easy for your fans to buy any merchandise you have on sale or buy tickets for the next time you are in their hometown.


MusicJet is a music marketing gateway that allows you to create smart links for your music. Though you can join for free, you will need to pay $9.99/month for all of their services. Through their services, you will be able to create smart pages where you can promote your music, upcoming tickets, merchandise, and social media pages. Through MusicJet’s dashboard, you will also be able to see how many people have clicked on your links, as well as basic information about those people. This way, you know who has been the most interested in your music. This information is vital in successfully marketing your music. 

RedLotus InfluenceGraph

This service is a special mention; while it is not strictly a gateway for artists, it does offer some very helpful tools that are sure to make your marketing experience easier and more successful. InfluenceGraph uses artificial intelligence to create a profile of your audience based on their online interactions. This means that you will easily be able to tell what the majority of your audience is interested in, and then cater to those wants. You are sure to see an uptick in all of your promotions with the amazing insights you will get through RedLotus InfluenceGraph.


Songwhip is a gateway that allows you to create free music links to all platforms. That’s right: free. Simply make a music link, and Songwhip will handle the rest. They will find your music from wherever it may be on the internet and then create a page for you to share. Then, you will be able to share your page with anyone you want. Through this page, your listeners will be able to find your music no matter what streaming platform they prefer. Songwhip also provides you with free analytics so you can easily see how much attention your page is getting, as well as which platform was the most popular among your fans.


There is no denying that in order to succeed today as an artist, you need an online presence. But more than that, you need an online presence that caters to your fans. If your music is too hard to track down on the internet, potential fans will simply give up and search for someone else instead. Don’t let that happen to you! Make sure that all of your links are in one place and easy to follow with a tried and trusted gateway for artists.


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