The Art of Crafting an Engaging Music Press Release: Tips and Examples for Musicians
17 augustus 2023 

The Art of Crafting an Engaging Music Press Release: Tips and Examples for Musicians

For novice musicians, figuring out how to draft a music press release might be hard. Writing about your personal accomplishments in a way that the media will find interesting is challenging. Fortunately, we have compiled the greatest tips and even a sample press release for those just starting out.

Elements of a Good Music Press Release

Even musicians can follow the usual style for writing press releases, as mentioned below. The most important thing to note is that you always want to have unique text regarding your song or other news when submitting your press release. Don’t copy and paste old text into new releases.


  1. Include the song's name and the vocalist in the press release's title
  2. Simply state the song's lesson in its entirety
  3. Describe the singer's position, the inspiration for this song's creation, and its message
  4. Include relevant images or videos
  5. Give a list of the music's social media pages


The most common applications of music press include general band news, the release of new music, events, reports, crisis communications, charitable causes, new band member hires, awards, etc.


It doesn't matter if you're a well-known performer about to embark on a global tour or if your band is playing its first public performance outside of the rehearsal space. Writing an interesting press release may significantly advance your professional standing.


Online press releases can have a longer shelf life because of search engines. If someone searches for music based on your city of performance, type of music, record label, etc., they can find you. Therefore, while writing it, be sure to incorporate this information to help with future searches.

Press Release Writing Tips

Make It Easy For the Recipient

It's crucial to realize that daily emails and press releases sent to music bloggers can number in the hundreds. You must be concise and to the point. Ensure that all of your important information is simple to read, recognizable, and easy to access with only one or two clicks.

Have a Good Subject Line

A compelling subject line may distinguish between your email being opened and deleted. Have you had a good music video? Have you ever worked with any famous musicians or producers? Ensure your subject line is catchy enough to draw the reader in and make them want to read the message.

Don’t Include Attachments

Since it might be dangerous to download attachments from strangers, your email may frequently just be deleted if any files are included.


Instead, copy your press release inside the email body rather than attaching it, and add links to your tunes on a reputable streaming service. Attaching an MP3 file is inappropriate if your song has not yet been released. Instead, make a secret Soundcloud link or an unlisted YouTube video that you may distribute to a small group of individuals before your release.

Link Your Website, Press Images, and Social Media Accounts

Remember that you want to make your press release recipient's life as simple as possible. Therefore, be sure to give direct links to your website, social media accounts, and a folder with press images. Bloggers won't have to waste time looking for you online to tag you in posts or find a suitable photo of you for their featured image if you do this. 

Put a Unique Spin On It

It can be a good approach to interact and develop a possible rapport with the receiver by adding a quick, personal remark to the email above your press release. Simply introduce yourself in a brief email and include their name and the name of their blog to demonstrate that you are really interested in the person you are approaching. 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing a Great Press Release

To produce high-quality music press releases, abide by the following dos and don'ts.



  1. Be succinct, direct, and focused.
  2. Your press release should have lots of white space and no distracting visuals.
  3. Describe the specifics, including the dates, times, and other persons involved.
  4. Send your press release to regional and local media outlets.
  5. Before publication, proofread it.



  1. Use a self-promotional tone when writing.
  2. Take liberties with the graphics, fonts, and colors
  3. Be hasty while drafting your news release.
  4. Let the headline go.
  5. Even when you have nothing noteworthy to say, release a press release.

Structure for Music Press Releases

Although there are several approaches to writing a press release, there is a typical format you should be familiar with and adhere to.

The heading. 

An example of what to anticipate. Use at least one keyword and a powerful verb. It ought to catch the reader's eye. Do not exceed 15 words.

The subtitle. 

Many press release distribution service interfaces have this field. It is comparable to a synopsis of the news release's contents. Use buzzwords that are also pertinent to your niche. Keep it brief.

A lead. 

A succinct synopsis of the narrative that includes the responses to the questions: Who? What? When? Why? How does that happen? These are seen to be the most crucial details, and journalists will need to be aware of them to give you a pickup.

Body of the article. 

A breakdown of the material in the lead, going from the most newsworthy information to other, less critical background information.

Second paragraph.

Evidence in support and at least one quotation. Tell readers what you want them to do after reading your material in a clear call to action. 

Information about the company. 

Describe yourself or your band briefly so fans can learn who you are quickly, and press release journalists can get to know you better.

Contact details for the media. 

Contact information for the author or the business/agency.

Debut Single Press Release Example

The press release's headline reads, "[Record label and/or Artist] announces a new album by [Name of Artist] titled "[Title of the Album"].


Summary Section: Describe your announcement in a few words


[City and state]. The [latest, debut, etc.] album by [Artist], [Title of the Album], will be released worldwide on [Date], according to [Record label and/or Artist].


Quote a musician in relation to the new single.


Give additional information: [Debut Single title] is [Single description, including genre or any other pertinent information.]


[More information about the author or label, including the connections between the artist and the label.]


A call to action or a URL where the reader may learn more about the lead single is provided.


Boilerplate: Business information


[Contact information] (phone, firm, address)

Key Takeaways

You should now have all the knowledge necessary to complete a music press release, whether you are writing a press release by yourself or simply want to know what to anticipate from one. Remember that you may change all the components of the press release and experiment with alternative approaches, coming up with new headlines and various versions of it. Additionally, you can test sending two final drafts to see which one receives more positive feedback. Remember the main goal of a press release while you work on writing it: to describe your music in a clear, concise, and interesting manner that will help you gain new fans.

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