What Is Publishing Administration

What is Publishing Administration

There are versatile means to get your music recognized and distributed and ensure that your music is making money from your loyalties. One of these methods is through the use of a third-party Publishing Administration company. It's an important term to know as an artist or songwriter. So we've condensed all the research for you in order to help you better understand the ins and outs of Publishing Administration. 

What is Publishing Administration?

Publishing Administrators are companies that work with artists through Publishing Deals in order to help them do two things.

  1. Spread their music reach through as many branches as possible.
  2. Collect most of the royalties owed to them through their copyrights and sold licenses.

It is notoriously difficult to keep track of and obtain royalties working independently in the music industry. This is why artists and songwriters prefer to go into a Publishing Deal with Publishing Administrators to ensure the best possible outcome for their music.

What Does a Publishing Administration Company Do?

Publishing Administrators assist publishers and independent musicians with managing and maintaining their copyrights, alongside their ability to earn from them.

The wonderful thing about Publishing Administrators is that, unlike PROs and MROs, they can collect a majority of the royalties earned by your music and aren't restricted to a few.

This means you don't have to work with multiple companies. Instead, you work with a solitary company to get your mechanical royalties, sync royalties, and distribute your licenses. 

What Difference Is There Between A Publisher and a Publishing Administrator?

If you look at it in terms of a business, there are tiers and levels of employees that do the work in order for the owner to make money.

One of those roles is administration. Well, the publisher, in this case, acts as the owner and withholds all the rights and ownership of the music and composition. 

The Publishing Administrator does not hold any rights to the music but does the work to distribute and collect the royalties while retaining a commission fee as payment for their work. 

How Do I Sign Up With A Publishing Administrator?

Musicians take on a heavy role in finding their own publishers. While they can attempt to independently publish their music, it can be quite a task to undertake. 

The benefit of hiring a publishing company is that many of them work in conjunction with Publishing Administration companies as well.

What this means is that the publishers you choose will help you apply for a Publishing Administration company which will assist them in distributing your music and collecting your royalties.

When you are signed up with a Publishing Administrator, you will be given a Publishing Deal. 

Types of Publishing Deals

There are three main types of music publishing deals.

  1. Full-Publishing deals. You sign over all your rights to your music to the publisher, which usually results in a 50/50 share.
  2. Co-Publishing deals. This is the most common deal where the musician retains close to 75% of their share in their music. 
  3. Administration Deals. You, as the artist, keep full rights to your music. However, the Publishing Administrator retains 10 to 25% of your royalties as a commission.


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