How to Increase Your Chances of Getting on the Spotify Algorithmic Playlists
19 januari 2023 

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting on the Spotify Algorithmic Playlists

You have put in a lot of hard work when it comes to creating your music, and now your biggest dream is to share the music you have created. With GetPlaylisted, your personal campaign manager is there to help you promote your music and get it out there for new fans and real people to experience. If you have done your research, you know that your ultimate goal is to get on a few algorithmic playlists. But what exactly is an algorithmic playlist, and what are the benefits you can experience from these playlists?

What are the Three Types of Playlists on Spotify?

When trying to promote your new music on Spotify, it is important to understand what the different types of playlists are, and what their benefits are. These playlists can be the difference between truly getting your music out to new listeners and just passing it through your friend list. One of these types is editorial playlists, which are those that are curated by the Spotify Shows and Editorial Team. This team is made of music professionals from around the world, which means that most of these playlists have huge followings. Since they are so popular, these playlists are usually genre-specific, which means that you will need to find one that is close to the genre of your music before you can even hope for your music to be added to it.

The second type of playlist you will find on Spotify is listener playlists. These playlists are created by regular people who use Spotify. If you see your music on a listener playlist, that means that this person happened across your song and liked it enough to add it to their personal playlist. This is good news because it means that you have gained a new fan. However, it also means that your music has hit a metaphorical brick wall in this instance. Personal playlists are usually not shared as often, which means that fewer listeners will be introduced to your music through listener playlists.

The last type of playlist on Spotify is algorithmic playlists, which is one that is automatically created for each individual Spotify user. This is done by Spotify’s own software algorithms, based on information such as the listening habits of that particular user. Some of the listening habits that are taken into account are liked or shared songs or artists, tracks that have been saved to their own playlists, as well as any tracks that the user has skipped or disliked. Algorithmic playlists are usually updated once a week with new music that the algorithm thinks the user will enjoy.

How Can an Algorithmic Playlist Help Grow Your Audience?

When your music makes it onto an algorithmic playlist on Spotify, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your new listeners are very likely to enjoy your music. You will also notice an increase in the number of streams your song receives. It has also been shown that people who listen to algorithmic playlists on Spotify are also much more likely to actively search for new music from the artists that appear on their playlists. One thing is for certain: the addition of your song to an algorithmic playlist means that more people will be enjoying your music than ever before.

Tips to Get Your Music on an Algorithmic Playlist on Spotify

Luckily, there are several steps that you can take that will increase your chances of making it on an algorithmic playlist on Spotify. It would be too easy if you were allowed to pay a small fee to get on these playlists, but there is usually some hard work involved instead. Since these playlists depend on listening habits, it is important that you take some time to promote your music and really get to know your fans. Here are three techniques that will help you boost the likelihood of making it to one of these coveted playlists.

  1. Release music regularly. In order to make it onto an algorithmic playlist, you will need to do everything you can to build up a loyal fanbase. What better way to do this than to release music regularly that your current fans will continue to enjoy? You also want to make sure that you are active and present on your social media pages. This will show your new fans that you are a real person with a true passion for your music. People will be much more likely to support you if you are down-to-earth and if you supply them with a regular supply of fresh music.
  2. Pitch your music to listener playlists. That is right! The more listener playlists you manage to make it onto,   the more likely your song will find its way onto an algorithmic playlist. This is because more listeners who enjoy your music will soon begin associating it with the music of other artists. The more influential the listener playlist is, the more likely that your next step will be an algorithmic playlist. Finding ways to push your music towards these listener playlists will result in more fans for you.
  3. Invite friends and other listeners to follow you on Spotify and social media. What else are friends and family for if it is not to support you in your dreams? Most friends and family members will not mind giving you a quick follow, all you have to do is ask! Likewise, music lovers who have already expressed interest in your music will feel it is their duty to help share your music with the world. You can also use social media to keep your assembly of fans updated about upcoming events or new releases.

How Can GetPlaylisted Help You Get on Algorithmic Playlists?

GetPlaylisted exists more or less to be the middleman for you. Creating music is hard and time-consuming enough, and you may have trouble finding time to pitch your music to listener playlists, as mentioned above. This is where GetPlaylisted comes in. Your campaign manager will be the one pitching your music based on its genre and mood. After finding some new fans for you, your music will be added to that listener playlist, which will only increase your chances of being added to an algorithmic playlist.

GetPlaylisted wants to help you become a number-one artist on Spotify and spread your music around the world!

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