How to Create a Killer EPK as an Artist
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Music Marketing
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How to Create a Killer EPK as an Artist

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What exactly does EPK mean? An online resume for a creative such as a musician, a band, or a DJ that highlights their professional career is called an electronic press kit or EPK. It's your online media and marketing resume, made to make getting the information you need to share about your brand simple.


You can make the finest first impression possible on the music business with the aid of this crucial tool. To succeed as an artist in this cutthroat market, you must write the ideal EPK!

Why Do Musicians Need EPKs?

Journalists learn about you and your music through your EPK. They can access your records, pictures, biography, lyrics, and more in one convenient location. While your music may be able to speak for itself, music journalists are nonetheless interested in learning more about you so they can write reviews and other pieces about you. Having everything they might need for your music production in one location helps them.

What Should Be In Your EPK?


An artist bio should be included in your music EPK. While composing a musician bio for this part of your press kit, remember your objective. Talk about your music rather than the highlights of your live performances.


Your first paragraph might include a quick overview of your professional background. The second paragraph should focus on new music. As you introduce someone to your new album or single, discuss your style and the sources of inspiration for the music while including any other information you feel is essential.

Social Media

Journalists don't want to spend time looking up your official websites, band stores, and social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. To make them simple to locate and distribute, put them at the top of your EPK. Including further contact information, such as a contact form or an exact email address, is also beneficial.


High-quality band promotional photographs from your EPK should contain vertical shots. Include photographs that can be cropped to square, horizontal, and vertical formats and at least two costumes and places.


Rotate new photographs in and out of the press every few months to keep them fresh. If not, your press releases will frequently use the same few images, which can feel stale.

Music Videos

A professionally made video demonstrates your dedication to your new music, which goes beyond just passion. A video is a fantastic complement to your music EPK because of this and its incredible aesthetic appeal.


Choose one or two videos pertinent to your new music (the official video for your single, a live version, or a music video containing scenes from the recording of your album) and add them to your page. 

Links for Downloading and Streaming

The most straightforward approach for journalists to hear your music is to embed an unlisted Soundcloud player in your EPK. You could also offer a download link for people who would instead download your music to their media players, such as iTunes.


If you use a service like GetPlaylisted and your music ends up on a popular playlist, also consider highlighting them here.  Showing that your music is part of a group of popular music can boost your exposure and highlight your qualifications.

Tour Schedule

Local radio stations and writers may prioritize when and how to cover your music by listing your tour dates. Make a note of any other bands you may be traveling with. Include regional openers if you can, as this will increase your chances of receiving press for regional performances.


For journalists attempting to understand your music's meaning, a written lyric sheet in your EPK is beneficial. It also helps to avoid embarrassing misquotations of your lyrics in media coverage.

Album Liners

Include composition credits, a roster of the musicians that performed on your album, details about the recording facility, and the names of the recording engineers, producers, and mastering engineers in your liner notes.

Album Cover Art

Add high-resolution photographs of your album artwork, such as the front and back covers and any additional images from the album design that the EPK's recipient would find interesting. After all, the majority of bands only give tangible material upon request.

News Release Links

Add fresh press releases as you write and distribute them to your EPK. For instance, updating your EPK when you release new songs or tour dates is a terrific way to keep media members informed about what your band is up to, even if they missed the initial press release.

What Should Your EPK Look Like?

Once you've gathered your material, you should arrange it on the page to be well-organized, readable, and complete. To make an effective EPK, consider the presentation from the viewpoint of a listener who has never heard your music before.


Consider these inquiries when you consider the layout of your press kit: Is the website scrolling too quickly? If so, make some content columns tighter. Is it simple to locate the music quickly? Make sure your music player's play button is prominent on the page. Is reading it simple? Is the text broken up into manageable sections? To ensure everything is in working order, double-check the fonts and colors.


If you're unsure where to begin, utilize an EPK for media page template to eliminate any uncertainty before adding your material.


Several websites, like Sonicbids, ReverbNation, Adobe Spark, and Wix, provide templates and tools for creating hosted landing pages and press kits. 

How To Share Your EPK

Make your EPK available as soon as it is finished. It's crucial to host and distribute your electronic press kit. Getting the correct individuals in the music business to see your artist's information is essential.

  1. Official Website: Make your EPK printable or available via your official website if you have one. Make a special landing page or include a link to it on the main page.
  2. Social Media: Use a shareable link to your EPK on all your social media channels. Make it simple for followers and business people to find your press kit.
  3. Business Cards/Print: If you meet industry experts, consider carrying a printed copy of your press kit. Or link your electronic press kit to your business card if that is handier.

Key Takeaways

Creating an electronic press kit is the first step to better publicity and more bookings. That significantly advances your career. What would entice the press to want to book you if you were in their position? Remember, creativity is essential!