How TikTok Can Help Musicians In 2023
01 december 2022 

How TikTok Can Help Musicians In 2023

TikTok is a global phenomenon that shows no signs of slowing its roll. The popular APP gives users an interactive interface to create content for release to an International audience. What started as a popular lip-syncing app has developed into an endless torrent of creative content ranging from comedic skits to music.

While it still holds fiercely to its roots, it's opened flourishing opportunities for growth in many ways. Whether you are a business owner or a start-up musician, TikTok provides a free platform to showcase your work and expand your fanbase. And it's turning the music industry on its head.

How Does TikTok Help Musicians And the Music Industry?

TikTok works in unusual ways, but as with all technology has an algorithm that can work in your favor. Using TikTok has some major benefits for new and established musicians. It has been responsible for dozens of songs, making it to hit playlists across all music platforms over the years. It's beneficial to know exactly how TikTok has helped so many musicians reach their dreams, and we've got it summed up just for you.

It Helps Build a Fan Base

One of the biggest hurdles a musician must face is building an audience to listen to their songs. This was a difficult task back in the day, from busking streets to booking in disheveled clubs just waiting for your big break.

Luckily, it's a bit easier to put yourself out there. However, attracting the right audience still takes time, dedication, and patience. You'll have to be strict with content generation to make a dent. Still, the chances of finding your fans are much higher and have the bonus of drawing international attention.

Musicians use the algorithms behind TikTok to promote themselves. Whether creating a viral sound or using certain hashtags, they find their way onto the For You Page of unsuspecting individuals who might fall in love on the first note. Achievement Unlocked: Fan Gained.

It's an organic route to generating hype about your sound; it doesn't matter what music you make. TikTok has a fanbase for you.

Let’s Go Viral!

Viral internet fame is nothing new and transcends all platforms. But, strangely enough, while all social media can share the same content, each has its unique community with a higher response rate to certain content.

TikTok started out with music and, unsurprisingly, has maintained a high demand for music-based content. According to a study commissioned by TikTok in 2021, 63% of users have discovered new music through the App.

Their user base is inspired by sounds and associates them with certain things. For example, viral sounds (usually snippets of songs) can become associated with TikTok trends, brands, and more.

While it can be hit and miss, it could go viral if your song is catchy and easy to associate with something. And if that happens, your user reach will be beyond your wildest imagination.

Just think about it, without TikTok (and Reddit), none of us would ever know the infamous "Cbat" by Hudson Mohawke. If you know, you know.

It’s an Easy Way to Generate Hype

It's common to see independent musicians generating hype on Social Media. It's a key factor necessary for drawing a crowd to your music.

This part is tricky and requires a lot of work; knowing how and when to start hyping your song is all key to successfully building a following.

Some musicians start by releasing their progress videos, snippets of them writing and creating the music behind them. Then, as they get picked up by record labels, they post their story, continuously updating their fanbase.

As they post more and more, using trending hashtags and the algorithm to their advantage, they reach a bigger audience.

The algorithm will push trending sounds; the more likes you get, the more likely your content will be pushed. This means even if the user you reach doesn't generally look for similar content to yours, it can still find its way to their "For You Page."

It Can Push Streams

One of the ways musicians gain notoriety is through streaming services like Spotify. As we've mentioned before, TikTok is a great promotion tool. It can actually assist in pushing users to your music organically.

Users who hear music they like are drawn to search for a way to add it to their playlists. They follow the sound, find the original video that used it and often snoop around to find clues to find it on Spotify.

If you have a link to your Spotify, users will naturally find their way to your music. In addition, it will drive your streams up by allowing another market to naturally find your songs.

Spotify is brilliant, and with the help of companies like GetPlaylisted, you can draw in an organic fan base solely through the streaming service. But the extra push from Social Media users wouldn't hurt, it's a different crowd and one you might not be able to reach solely through Spotify.

Musicians Can Get Paid on TikTok

Few musicians know that TikTok holds contracts with certain music moguls. For example, Sony, Universal, and Warner all have their part to play in TikTok sounds. Therefore, if the sound is licensed through one of them, it receives Royalties.

Royalties are the bread and butter you earn for your hard work. The more people using your sounds to create content, the higher your royalties get. As a musician, the goal is to share your music and profit from your passion, and TikTok can help you achieve both in one quick swoop.

TikTok Has Helped Musicians Get Discovered

Musicians can find their way into the hearts of a big enough audience and attract the attention of Music Corporations, itching to get ahead of the competition.

Artists like Lil Nas X, 24KGldn, Justus Bennett, and more started from humble beginnings. They shared their music with TikTok and, in turn, found themselves selling out concerts with the help of a label that discovered them.


As you can see, TikTok is a lucrative tool for Musicians with a host of benefits. Combine it with the help of promotion companies like GetPlaylisted and the many tools they provide. And watch as you find your music career shooting into the stratosphere. Making you one step closer to fame.

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