Free Music Distribution In 2023 - The Complete Guide
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Free Music Distribution In 2023

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Once you have finished creating the music that your soul has created, it is only natural to want to share that music with the world. If you are just getting started as an artist, you might not have a fan base built up yet, which is a challenge all its own. Also, you may find yourself short on your budget, making it even harder to share your music and start to create your very own fan base. Luckily, there are plenty of options for free music distribution. Let’s take a look at some of these options; hopefully, some of them will prove useful to you and your music career.

Why Choose a Free Music Distribution Service

Historically, music artists have struggled financially coming out of the gate, so do not feel too horrible if you are in this boat; it is not uncommon for upcoming artists. Having a major record label backing you will help you get your music to the public more, but these records also come with huge fees.

Fast forward to 2023, and it is easy to see that more and more music artists are electing to release their own music. This means that they are able to avoid the large fees charged by major record labels, which means a lot of money can stay in your pocket. However, it also means that your song releases may not be as successful. That is why finding a reliable free music distribution service is crucial. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for free music distribution.

Benefits of Free Music Distribution

When it comes to the benefits of a free music distribution service, the main benefit is in the name: “free!” I mean, who does not love free things? With no upfront charges, you are able to relax knowing that potential fans all over the world have the opportunity to listen to your music. With this help, you will be able to build up a fan base. A good fan base will stick with you through thick and thin and will give you the opportunity to build your brand up even more than you already have done.


RouteNote is a music distribution company that helps artists release their music to the world. They offer both paid services and a free option for their services, with minor differences between the two. With their paid option for music distribution, you will be able to keep 100% of the royalties that your music earns. When it comes to the free option, there is no cost associated up-front with the services offered, but RouteNote will keep 15% of your royalties. Though this may not be ideal, it is much easier on your budget if you are just starting out.


Amuse was founded in 2016 as a completely free, app-based music distribution service. You will receive 100% of your royalties, and Amuse will not charge you for anything. Simply upload your music, and Amuse will distribute your music to Spotify and Apple Music. Keep in mind that, with the free option, your song may take a few weeks before it is released on these platforms. Also keep in mind that you will need either an iCloud account, Dropbox, or Google Drive in order to use this service.

Awal Distribution

This is another app-based music distribution service. The thing that sets Awal Distribution apart, however, is the fact that this service is only available to music artists who have received an invitation to their app. You can always submit your music to Awal Distribution without an invitation, but the service will then review the quality of your song, your social media presence, and your past Spotify plays. This means that Awal Distribution may not be the best free music distribution service for artists who are just starting out.

Fresh Tunes

Fresh Tunes is a great option for free music distribution, especially for music artists who are just getting started and trying to make their mark on the industry. Additionally, it is super easy to use! Simply upload your music to Fresh Tunes, wait 24 hours, and then check the 14 different platforms Fresh Tunes uses in order to listen to your music. 

During the 24-hour wait period, Fresh Tunes will check your song for sound quality, as well as sending out promos for your upcoming music through their social media pages. Free music distribution and free promotions for your music? This is what makes Fresh Tunes one of the best free music distribution services out there.

Bandcamp Distribution Service

Bandcamp Distribution Service, like RouteNote, is a service that is free up-front. However, be aware that Bandcamp Distribution Service will charge you 15% of the royalties that you earn. To get started, you will be given your own shop as an artist. Then, you will be able to offer your songs either as a free download or set a price for downloads. 

If you are more concerned with getting your name out there, offering your song as a free download can really help build a fanbase. If you are trying to make some extra money, go ahead and charge people for the privilege of listening to your wonderful music. Additionally, through your Bandcamp store, you will be able to sell any merchandise that you have, whether it is clothing, vinyls, or CDs.

Next Steps

Now you understand the importance and benefits of a free music distribution service, and perhaps you even feel inspired to give one of the above services a try. When your music has been adequately distributed, you may be interested in marketing that music. Music marketing will help spread your music to even more people than before. And, as we all know, that will result in a bigger fan base and more money in your pocket!

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