Best Smart Links For Music Marketing In 2023
17 november 2022 

Best Smart Links For Music Marketing In 2023

Music marketing is one of the most important parts of getting your music out to broader audiences. So it's vital to know all the ins and outs of the trade, especially if you're new to the industry. 

One thing often needing more notice is the use of Smart Links in your music marketing campaigns. 

What is a Smart Link?

Smart Links act as a business card for musicians. It's a solitary platform for musicians to share links for fans and potential music industry professionals to find everything about you and your sound.

It's a hub containing all the necessary information you want people to find and know. Smart Links' presence pushes audiences to your streaming platforms, social media, personal website, and EPK, putting everything in one convenient place.

And surprisingly, with the use of Smart Link services, you can track and discover trends in your fanbase and use the demographics found to your advantage. Overall, Smart Links are an intangible asset to your music marketing campaigns. And depending on how effectively you use them, can help your blossoming music career flourish. 

How Do Smart Links Help with Music Marketing?

The use of Smart Links in music marketing has created a means of expanding your marketing reach throughout your audience. While most people are active across all social media and streaming platforms, each seems to have its unique community. You want to draw the attention of each and every one of them to your music, wherever it is.

If you're active on TikTok, you may have noticed how independent and established artists use the convenience of Linktree. This is a Smart Link that lets their followers have access to their different social media accounts, websites, streaming services, and pre-saves when needed. 

Statistics for musicians who use Smart Links are up, and they have worked their way into being an essential part of music marketing. 

Why are Smart Links Important in the Music Industry?

In this day and age, convenience is the name of the game. Smart Links are a convenient and effective way of creating what can essentially be called your music portfolio. Then, depending on the resources you list, you can offer a plethora of information to potential professionals interested in signing you. 

If you've learned anything about music marketing in the past, you'll understand the crucial role it can play for your fans.

As the music industry deals with the evolution of the digital era, they've adapted to the new norm, and Smart Links are one of them. 

In this day and age, your online presence has become everything. While the music industry still pumps out plenty of CDs and vinyl records, the real push has transferred to digital platforms and streaming websites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.


Digital streaming has accounted for over 70% of music earnings in recent years, and Smart Links play an active role in those numbers.

What Does a Smart Link Provide?

Statistical Analysis

Depending on the service you choose, you can get detailed audience insights. You can see exactly which links are attracting attention and adjust your strategies accordingly to target specific audiences.

In addition, some Smart Link services also come in handy with the expertise of dedicated team members that compile reports and offer advice to boost streams to certain avenues.

The analytic reports and statics can offer the perfect insight into your fan base and boost your chances of getting discovered. 

Personalized Landing Pages

You can create a personalized landing page that includes the links you feel your audience will respond to. Some paid services even offer further personalization and allow musicians to use their own artwork to create a dynamic and interactive interface for their audience.

People respond to customized content; it's more personal and also has a more professional look that's attractive to potential business prospects. When deciding who to use, make sure you take this option into account. 

Customized Domains

Customizable domains are attractive to any potential visitor to your page. Having a personalized domain name is a professional and simple way of attracting an audience to your page.

At the same time, it makes you easier to find. When you have a custom domain, it is truly yours and can easily be linked to your brand. 

How do I Create Smart Links?

If you decide to use Smart Links to boost your streams and increase your chances of discovery, it's a great idea to know where to start. It's easier than you think!


Of course, it's important to do your own research and find something that works for your budget. Some services are paid but come with a host of beneficial features, while other free services are great to help kickstart the process. 

Which Smart Link Services Should I Use?


From a mere $10 a month, LinkFire can offer you beneficial Smart Link packages that include everything from targeted marketing to a collaborative team of experts to back your campaign and monitor your analytics for you. 


Soundplate provides free and paid services that create personal landing pages that link to all your services and social media. They can help you grow your fanbase and take away some of the stress of marketing for you. 


Linktree is a free-to-use service that conveniently puts all your links in one spot. While it may not have the frills some competitors offer, it's the perfect start-up tool for undiscovered artists to link all their important pages to their social media bios for their followers. 


Songwhip is quick and easy, with a simple platform to create your own Smart Link. It's free and allows musicians to link up to 14 pages to one link for their followers. And what's better, you're completely in control. 


Feature.FM is a paid service that offers everything you could dream of. Statistical analysis and advanced algorithms target your audiences. The help provided by their dedicated team of specialists makes everything seem like a breeze. 


Smart Links are a smart choice to boost your music marketing campaigns and can be combined with any other number of strategies. And speaking of this, don't forget to use Streaming Promotion services like GetPlaylisted to increase your stream numbers even further. 


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